HR Policy

One of the main strategic goals of AIM SYSTEMS is to create a strong team of professionals capable of providing effective solution to current and future challenges.

We apply the following criteria to our candidates:

  • professional competence
  • creative activity, initiative approach and self-sufficiency
  • learning capability
  • psychological compatibility, a shared philosophy and understanding of the common goals and willingness to achieve the goals.

Мы следуем принципу наставничества и обмена опытом внутри компании.

The average age of employees in the AIM SYSTEMS meets the requirements of a growing company:

  • Management - 39 years
  • Specialists - 27 years.

Мы ценим индивидуальность и богатство личных качеств наших сотрудников, поощряя баланс между плодотворной успешной работой и личной жизнью.

Jobs for students

AIM SYSTEMS offers undergraduate students in relevant disciplines (information security, information technology) a complete paid internship with a possibility of future employment.