AIM SYSTEMS ensures continuous functioning of the customers’ hardware-software complexes and information systems. We guarantee the highest level of security of the information resources, accessibility of the processed data, services and applications of your business.

Providing maintenance services AIM SYSTEMS ensures the growth of IT services efficiency and reduction of any risks connected with shutdown of the information system. We offer a full range of the required services using an individual approach to our valued customers.

Based on your current requirements you can choose one of the technical support programs developed by AIM SYSTEMS


We offer the minimum necessary set of services including consultations by AIM SYSTEMS specialists to assist in setting and operating your company’s systems.


This includes Basic program services and recovery of IT systems supported by our company. This level of service assumes a remote access, and on-site visit, if necessary.


This includes Basic and Standard program services and proactive actions: maintenance service, scheduled technical maintenance and issue of recommendations on the development of the customer’s information system.


It differs from Advanced in additional training, which we provide to the customers’ engineers in the main skills of working with the supported system within the validity terms of the technical support agreement. IT personnel outstaffing is also possible.

To comply with your business requirements the listed technical support programs can be extended or modified. A detailed schedule for the technical support and other necessary works is coordinated and agreed with the customer.


We provide the technical support of IT solutions in all areas we represent: business continuity support, server and network infrastructure, cloud-based services, technical-engineering systems.

  • Support of DPC computing infrastructure
  • Support of data back-up and storage systems
  • Information security
  • Support of DPC engineering infrastructure
  • Support of technical-engineering infrastructure
  • Unified communications
  • Technical support and maintenance of work stations