Automated control and dispatching systems of engineering equipment (ACDS or "Smart Home") provide centralized monitoring, dispatching and control of engineering systems equipment to ensure a comfortable living environment and security of buildings. The use of such systems ensures the required level of comfort and security and significantly reduces operating costs.

These systems assist the customers in solving the following tasks:

  • to provide continuous centralized monitoring and control of building engineering systems from a control room
  • to improve working conditions of employees through automated climate control and lighting in the rooms considering the ambient conditions and operation mode of the building
  • to ensure effective functioning of engineering systems and make promptly decisions in case of emergency
  • to ensure obtaining comprehensive and objective information on the status of all engineering systems of the building and their operation modes
  • to increase the reliability of building systems through timely localization of alarm conditions
  • to enhance the effectiveness of engineering departments and security service during emergency conditions by providing them with emergency response procedures
  • to reduce operating costs and, as a result, cut the cost of ownership by energy saving (hot and cold water, heating, electricity, etc.) and by optimization of engineering equipment
  • to increase capitalization and prestige of the building.

To ensure the successful implementation of such services, we use only highly reliable hardware (controllers and actuators) and software to have on a screen a visual image of the current status of the building.

AIM SYSTEMS has extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of such systems. We offer a wide range of hardware and software integrated with different engineering systems to optimize customer-tailored solutions.