With the growing threat of terrorism and other offences, the requirements for anti-terrorism security of the buildings got stringent and then they were included in the guidelines "Ensuring anti-terrorist security of buildings and structures. General design requirements" (hereinafter - SP 132.13330.2011), which established minimum necessary requirements for design solutions.

These are the key solutions for buildings security:

  • video surveillance system
  • security alarm system
  • access control systems
  • security lighting system
  • emergency communication systems
  • screening systems
  • movement restriction
  • fencing

Site fencing is necessary to create a barrier to entry of the offender to the site. It consists of metal (mesh) or concrete fence, with additional overhead guards of solid or flat razor wire. Besides, to provide unattended entrance the gates, turnstiles and barrier gate arms shall be installed.

Our company is ready to provide a complete set of services on design, implementation and maintenance of security systems of buildings and consider the specifics of the buildings - may it be business centers and private offices, security gates around the facility, parking lots, hotels and educational institutions.